Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Sharing my pallet with you...

I always love to see how other artists use their tools. The pallet is one that seems to have a really wide range of styles that people use. I have some expensive professional pallets that I just don't use.

I actually use a Tupperware container, for shame, for my acrylics. I like to be able to just pop the lid on when I am done and they are sealed up tight. I keep a bit of water in there to keep them moist and I have a spray bottle with me at all times so I can occasionally mist the paint to prevent it from skinning. I also use it to spray my canvas if I need more time to blend the paint.

Here are some pictures of my pallet that I use.
I have little disposable cups in there so that I can keep the paints separate and I even create some custom colors for say skin tones and what not and mix them in the cup so I have enough for the entire painting and I don't have to worry that I didn't mix the color right the second time.
These are porcelain dishes that are meant for crackers and cheese that I use to mix my paints on. What I love is they are white so the color is true and if the paint dries on there I just add some water and it peels off. Sometimes I use these "skins" to add to canvases. No wasted paint no pollution. Recycle all you can. These things are really important to me, the impact my creativity has on the earth.
When I am all done, I stack the porcelain dishes on top of the paint cups and close the lid till I can squeeze another 20 mins in between dishes and laundry. HE HE!


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