Saturday, August 27, 2011

Painting fabric/product highlight....

The first product I want to highlight are my brand spankin new Derwent Inktense sticks.

What is great about these you ask? Well as the name suggests, they are made of ink, not the same as watercolor. While they are water soluble, once they have been wet and then dry, they become permanent! How awesome is that. I have used them on canvases and true to their word once I wet it, it became stable and permanent. I even blended them with gesso for some lovely intense colors. You can also use them on fabric, normally silk, and they are also permanent once they have been wet, with a brush and "painted" over. I am guessing that if you just dunked it then the ink would run out before it had a chance for it to set into the fabric. That is how I made the gingham fabric for my beet jar!

First I ran the block across the fabric. I then took a wet brush and stroked it over the strips to wet it and soak it into the fabric. I then dried it.


I then used a permanent marker to run rough little lines through the large watery looking ones for a bit of detailing. And that is it. Pretty low key. 

You can buy the pencils at your local art supply store in singles if you want to try a couple out before investing and they come in pencil and block form. Very cool.

the fairy!

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