Saturday, August 13, 2011

Cool Codes

I am going to be adding all kinds of cool information here that I have gathered through my years of blogging and teaching myself a bit of html coding etc. I will actually be adding code and instructions on how to PIMP your own blog up! Stay tuned for some really awesome info and fun stuff!

First on the list will be how to add your own custom made background. You will need a photobucket or flicker account (it's free) so if you don't have one get ready and go get one!


UPDATE: I just added instructions on how to create your own custom animated email button. It is in the PiMP ur BLOG section.


Photocat said...

it would be nice to finally see some nice backgrounds and headers and buttons for wordpress blogs. All the neat stuff is bloodspot only. Darn it!

Jynene said...

hi, fellow flyer here! love, love, love your blog... i'm looking forward to trying some of your tricks! fun... so generous of you. thank you - jynene bean
ps- i really have trouble with typepad... :o(

Margreet said...

I will go deeply into it when I'm back from my vacation....want to learn it all!!!!
xxx Margreet