Thursday, September 29, 2011

Where in the world is.....

Roberta! I was SHOCKED when I pulled up a post on my blog and saw my last post date. I knew it had been a while but wow. This is just one of those times, you know the ones you have in your life where you just kind of get lost. Sometimes you just need time to find yourself. I am not saying I am found.... ha ha, just poking my head out of the bush. I am posting a little snippet of what I am currently working on. I hope to post a video of it along with the finished product. Still have half a dozen unfinished pieces hanging around waiting to be loved, but right now, sadly, they are not my friends and I just can't show them the love....... I am kind of at a point where I just really need to sit down and figure out where the best places are to focus my time and energy, at least what I have left after the regular ole' everyday stuff gets done. I sure wish we didn't need any sleep. More to come soon I hope.

Stay tuned...... xo!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Well, I cut it up.

Whew! What a busy time of year. I have to say I am glad the kiddos are back to school for the routine. As much as I am ready to ditch it in the spring, I welcome it back in the fall. I finally got a chance to actually paint something yesterday, the collage that I was supposed to do with two other paintings I did for an assignment.

The birds are actually berries in the old painting. Her dress was the tree. I had fun doing this, really enjoyed it despite the fact that I don't normally do well without a plan, detailed plan. I am working on it.