Saturday, October 22, 2011

My first encaustic painting!

Don't laugh. This is harder than it looks. I keep thinking what the heck did I get myself into! My first lesson (a week ago), and I am a week behind, was excavation. I um.... keep mistakenly calling it excretion. Yeah, really not the correct word in so many ways. At least I get a good laugh at myself every time I do it.

I am so not sure if I like it and it totally did not turn out the way I expected but I guess that is the point. Usually you learn through trial and error. 

It is called excavation because you put layer upon layer in different depths and then scrape some of the surface away to reveal the colors underneath. Cool and frustrating all at the same time. Oh well, will get the hang of it I am sure by the time I am ready to move on! hahah!
Hope your weekend is going great.



Cor* said...

hhmmm..loving all the colors on your excretion creation....uh...hmm... i mean excavation!

Margreet said...

Firstly I had to search for the word excavation in my I understand what you did...I agree with Corrie: love all the colours.....enjoy your weekend!
xxx Margreet

cgl1539 said...

Its got this really groovy vibe to it. I like it. Oh by the way, my oldest niece just turned 16 a couple of days ago and she got your painting that I won. She flipped over it, she was so thrilled. My brother made her a frame for it. Thanks so much for making her so happy!

Heavens2Betsy said...

I really like this and the many layered idea really appeals to me.I think you achieved a great result. penny

Photocat said...

It takes courage I find to admit to fellow artsers that there is a particular style you hate. Or don't like... Or find too hard to do... At times I feel flustered because I am not getting a certain thing, only to feel afterwards that I feel so much better having given up on it. Encaustics is one of those things for me. It's supposed to be FUN!!! Only do it when you are having FUN.