Saturday, October 8, 2011

Me 'n' dresses...

So, anyone who really knows me knows that... I don't wear dresses. Nope. I just feel silly in them. Not that I don't love them, not that I did not love making them for my daughter. Love them! Just not on me. My mom had this little pant suit for me to wear at church on Sunday's because I refused to wear a dress, little tomboy that I was.

This is a little study I did for  a collection I am working on. Actually, it is one thing I want to mention while I am here. I am working on some new stuff, really exciting, and I am going to be starting an online encaustic class on the 17th with Judy Wise. I am so excited about it but I am also realizing that I need to reorganize my studio so I can actually work in it. sheesh. This means unfortunately that I wont' be here much. I did video the work I did on this piece and I am going to try to get it edited and posted. Other than that, I will be MIA. Hope you stay with me till I am back. XO!

the fairy!



Good Kardma by Jules said...

Those little dresses are so cute! We'll miss you but we'll still be here when you have time!

That Girl Designs said...

I use to not like dresses when I was little - also a tom boy. However, I do like them now. This is a sweet little painting. Hey, thanks for listing the link to Judy's class. I've been interested in learning encaustic techniques, so may sign up as well.