Monday, March 11, 2013


I have to admit that I loved my time away, living. Did not get to do as much as I wanted do art wise. Good things are that I did get two considerable art teaching projects in the last 6 months yay! Better than starving artist but certainly can't hang my other hats. I am not complaining. 

I've really been exploring me, the directions I want to go with my art, and enjoying a bit of a reverse back to some old styles and I have really been enjoying abstract lately too. I think I would like to settle somewhere around abstracted realism-ish. LOL

I did have some time to fool around this afternoon and was happy with the results.

Hope to be here soon with a video and some more fun stuff including some workshop announcements.



Heather Santos said...

Ooooh, fun... Love these! Can't wait to hear about workshops!

Photocat said...

I am in love with that color combo. It's one of my favorites. Pale blue is such a terrific guiding color...
Well done!