Thursday, March 14, 2013

A video!

A couple of weeks ago this years Strathmoore online series began. Workshop 1 is being hosted by Acrylic painter Robert Joyner. He also has several youtube videos as well and I really enjoy watching them so you should go check them out.

The assignment.......... use paper, water soluable pastels, and acrylic paint while creating with loose and playful brushstrokes. Harder than it looks believe me. 

Hope you enjoy my Pears.

Have a lovely weekend. I sure hope the sun comes out soon. I need it.



Margreet said...

Thanks for sharing the birth and making of your Pears, your bracelet too!
xxx Margreet

Anonymous said...

Beautiful work Roberta. I love watching painters in action ~ very inspiring ;D

Leah said...

That was great Roberta. I love the drippyness you worked with and the perspective! Its fun watching you paint. :)