Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Keep Hope

Summer has been rolling along. We had some plans to take the kids and run off for a bit but with dad not being well, the surgery and now his post op care ( his wound got a nasty infection) it just wasn't possible. Really, it's ok, there are much more important things to do right now. Dads dressings need to be changed twice daily, the home care nurse can only come once a day, I do the night change. I gotta tell ya, I have a pretty iron clad stomach but stuffing a wad of fabric into a hole the size of an egg into your dad's stomach is pretty unnerving. I am just so happy to be there for my dad though and he is healing well, after a couple of ups and downs during the healing process. I don't have tons of time to spread around though and I just have so much I want to do. I wish I didn't need sleep.

On a high note, I am totally excited about the fact that I have recently acquired my very own ginormous studio!!!!!! AHHHHH whahoooooo. I just love having my own space to escape to and store all my stuff. My poor house was stuffed. Stay tuned for more info. I will be holding workshops galore in there but it needs some work first, arg more time needed, so little to spare.

I have carted a lot of my supplies over to my studio and had a chance to sneek over a couple times to play around and I managed to make a video of it. I was inspired by a quote I read on one of my dad's cards he got while in the hospital. It really summed things up for me with all that has happened over the summer. We have an appt with dad's specialist coming up and we will find out the results of the pathology test. Many things run through your mind while you are waiting but mostly you try to focus on today and as always try to be hopeful.

If you could, please continue to keep dad in your prayers and thoughts.



Rhonda Miller said...

I'll keep praying.

What a beautiful creation.

Roberta Laliberte said...

Thank you Rhonda! xoxo

Good Kardma by Jules said...

I had surgery this year and my abdominal incisions didn't heal well either. I also had to have nurses come twice a day to pack them - yuck! Your father is lucky to have a daughter like you. I continue to keep you all in my thoughts and I'm sending healing vibes his way.