Sunday, July 15, 2012

Being thankful hopeful and empathetic

Well dad is a trooper. His nurse laughed today and said "you are doing so good, what are you doing here?" All kidding aside he is recovering well. There is an awesome nurse here, I call him Billy Blanks. Reminds me of him. I call him dads personal trainer because he is always getting him up and going, moving forward. We are so grateful for all the warm thoughts and prayers and we still need them. We still have a road ahead of us.

You know, is it hard to be here, among all these wonderful people. People who are suffering and some who are struggling with loosing hope. There is always someone worse off than you. I am so thankful to be here with my dad, that I can be here for him. I am hopeful that we will have some more good fishing days ahead. One day at a time.

There is a fellow here, we spoke with his wife at length today while we had supper. It is so hard to see that hopelessness in someones eyes. Her husbands brother comes to visit and bring her back and forth but for the most part she is here alone with him most of the time. We share our struggles with each other, and I pray for her husband. It is one thing to bear a burden but having lived a full and blessed life can make it easier. It stings a little less, and you say "well no matter what happens, God doesn't owe me anything." But for those who have to bear these burdens when they are young, when they have hardly made it out of diapers, or those who worked their whole life, who almost reach retirement, only to be slapped with the insult of possibly being faced with only months to live.

We go along our merry way in our lives, blissfully unaware of the alarms ringing in the hospital wards, the pain and suffering, moaning about our parking tickets. Don't. Take every negative you have going and turn it into some kind of a positive. Think of the lovely couple across from my dad today who smiled ear to ear so happy to be getting married, here, in a hospital. Thankful because he survived a head on collision with a rock face. He survived his scull being crushed in by his eye, the brain trauma, the massive wound to his leg which has him unable to walk on his own yet, though he swears he will. He wants to take his 7 month old daughter for a walk with his beautiful, now wife, her great big smile with us all day today.

Hug your spouse. Tell them every damn day how much you love them, and tell them why you do. Even if it is just because they make you breakfast every morning. Play with your kids, forget about the housework it will still be there tomorrow. If someone tisks at you for your messy house tell them if they came to visit your clean house it is not home right now!
Be thankful for what you have. Always be hopeful for the future and what wondrous possibilities it may bring you. And never, not matter how mean someone is loose empathy for others. Sometimes they are mean because they are faced with difficulties we don't know and all they need is your patience and empathy.

I am thankful for all I have, including still having my dad.

I am hopeful that he will beat the odds

I am sending out my love and empathy to the universe in hopes that those who need it will find it.

the fairy.

Poor dad. I grabbed the wrong glasses for him and we all laughed so hard at him last night. He looked like a toothless Mr. Magoo! He would kill me if he saw this. HAHAHAH!

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Rhonda Miller said...

I'm glad he's doing better. I'll continue praying for him. Thank you for sharing your post. I agree, it's so important to let those you love know that you love them.