Sunday, November 27, 2011

Here is another video I just finished, I have another to post, I just have to upload it first. The second one is the actual workshop that I did and the participants work. 
The video is a bit shaky, I have a board suspended from my ceiling which is what I rest my camera on but I usually wait for it to stop moving before I start to paint. Not sure where my mind was that day, anxious to finish I guess.
Hope you enjoy, stay tuned for the class video.



Good Kardma by Jules said...

Amazing as usual! Thanks for making these videos for us to see your creative process.

Mary Sterk said...

Awesome! Love watching these!

Photocat said...

I am in awe Roberta. For the movie, for how seamlessly seem to have the mental picture in your mind before you even start painting. Great music too. Wished I could do little movies like you do... Wonderful. Thanks! Hoping on a next one.