Sunday, July 21, 2013

Winged Faith

Well I am back from New York, what a blast! I loved it there, not that I would want to live there. I missed my wide open spaces. 

What I loved:

We loved the people, don't get me wrong there were some wing nuts but for the most part everyone was more than willing to help us out and were polite and kind.

I love the enriched environment. Were else can you feed your brain with arts and culture like that!

Central Park! I wish I had a full day to explore that park. WOW. We wanted to do a handsome cab ride but it was way too hot for the horses so we rented bikes. That was a story all to itself. Riding bikes in the dark going the wrong direction which was HARLEM was an experience. I'll save that for later.

What I did not like:

Cement cement cement.

Bathrooms. Seriously! Public washroom ='d buy some stuff and then you can use it.

For the city that never sleeps and considering it was peek tourist season can you please tell me why all the public art galleries, museums, the zoo all CLOSED BY 5:30! Give me a break! How could I visit all these places when my courses went till 4:30. It was such a shame.

 GARBAGE! OMG, how people could stand the garbage and the stench of garbage in the streets. Yuck. I mean I get it, all they have is a sidewalk in front and they put their garbage out at night and they leak on the pavement and..........40 degrees............. eeeeeewwwww.

Anyways, I have a new video for you!

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Leah said...

Cool video Roberta. Love how you had real life with your art! Can't wait to see more.