Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Quick post

Just popped in to say hello.... I am still here! I am doing this fabulous and did I mention free workshop with Traci Batista HERE and this was one of my doodles unleashed! I actually made a video of it, it is not edited yet. Someday I hope soon.

When Traci messaged me and asked if she could showcase it on the blog I was tickled. She is a lot of fun if you want to come a check it out.

For now I will leave you with these words of wisdom I gave my hubby today. We were talking about personal growth, and the inevitable failures that come along with it. I told him in a text Fail=Grow. He replied "you're right, but failing hurts."

My response:
"not when you change the way you think about what it meant to fail."
 If you see each failure as an opportunity to have figured out what didn't work and a chance to figure out what will then it turns failure into success.
That is Roberta's words of wisdom for the day. I still have a hard time seeing my failures as discovery successes myself. I like that, Discovery Successes. I should write a self help book.



quilthexle said...

Love your doodling !! I hope I'll get around to actually put some paint to paper soon ... your picture is very inspiring to just do it ;-))

Anonymous said...

Great perspective on what it means to fail! Love your use of color and the movement in your marks in the drawing too.