Thursday, July 7, 2011

A fun contest!

I belong to this women's online art group which is absolutely wonderful! It is a ning group started by an amazing artist named Millande. 

One of the members decided to host a contest and we were to use her sketch and make our own version of a painting with it. I am posting the original sketch here with a watermark across it so you can see the sketch but if you would like to join in please go and join the community (if you are a woman, sorry guys) and you can download the sketch yourself. The creator of the sketch is Kimberly Moore and here is her sketch.

What I did was throw it into photoshop, copied the arm and pasted it in again. I then flipped the "new arm" horizontally so that it looked like a left arm. I also added a flower into her hair.

I collaged some designer papers on, as well as collaged DP flowers on for the bouquet and the hair. I then painted over them with fluid acrylics and used a soft charcoal pencil for the shading and outlining. I also used a sharpie marker for some scribbly detailing and sealed it with 2 heavy coats of Krylon spray for a nice matt finish. My kids teased me because she has two different eyebrows so I said...   "The lady who does her eyebrows waxed them poorly!"

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Margreet said...

You did a great job with that arm and flower, what your kids said about the!
xxx Margreet

*Alison* said...

WOW! This is amazing.. I LOVE your creation.. HUGS

Sussie said...

I´m so happy I found your blog because you make the kind of art I love! <3
Your painting is wonderful!

Cor* said...

Beautiful Roberta!