Saturday, May 23, 2009

Sorry I haven't posted many paintings lately. I have been focusing heavily on my card blog. As usual I am always all the way into one thing or the other. I actually have some big plans in the works right now but I won't let the cat out of the bag yet. Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. It is actually sunny here today, FINALLY!


Stef H (Glitterbabe) said...

The hills are alive.... with the sound of music! Can ya hear me now?????



Diane MacNaughtan said...

I love your work! Gorgeous :)


Heather said...

Hey Roberta,

I think your work is amazing!!!!! Your new company will be a Huge Hit I am sure!!!


Agus :) said...

Wow! Im so happy to find a person who also made both thing! I also love painting but I so good...a few days ago I post some watercolors... but your watercolor are amazing! love the details of the little girl!
congratulation for your work :D and thanks for stopping in my blog

~*Joni said...

Hi Roberta! I found your link through Steff's blog and had to let you know that I was giggling the entire time while reading your comment. Surely you were joking about your DH? ;) haha! Regardless, it was a fun way to end my evening. I have to say that your work is absolutely breathtaking. I love your style, it's such a wonderful connection to everyday life with your flowers, barn, pebbles...I am now a true follower as this will give me a walk through an art gallery everyday without me having to find a babysitter. ;)

Allissa Designs said...

wow, Roberta, what can I say? yoiu are such a talented lady and your painting is amazing!!!

I am so serious...its divine. I really appreciate fine art & have looked at them all very closely. Do any Galleries hold your work?
do you sell privately?

God Bless you sweetheart.



Karen said...

My goodness, this is beautiful! Looking at your blog, I'm finding so many pieces that I just cannot take my eyes off of. I'm so glad I blog surfed my way here! :>

gianlucio said...

hello Roberta , I passed around here ... I wanted to know how are you, hope all is well, the paintings are beautiful ...

Dena E's Blog said...

By the way,,your creations are all so breath takingly gorgeous too!!!
More Hugs Dena

Priyanka said...

This is another master piece from u,wow, u r a hair stylist,God,I like to want some suggestion from u because I wanted to shaped my hair such a loooong time but do not get the opportunity,I have long waist length much talented u r really hats off.